Resourcing Christian Churches

Christian Standard has been resourcing Christian churches since it was founded in 1866. Now it is the principal magazine connecting these congregations in the farflung, nondenominational fellowship whose congregations are usually known as Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. Published 12 times every year, CHRISTIAN STANDARD is the perfect resource for church staffs, elders, small groups, or anyone who wants his or her church to achieve the New Testament ideal in the 21st century.


is a weekly resource for your daily walk with Christ.

Get a biblical perspective on the everyday experiences and challenges you face. Apply your faith to culture, media, home life, the workplace, missions, and current events. Study God’s Word with commentary, devotions, small group questions, and a daily Bible-reading plan. Grow in your spiritual life, deepen your relationships, and reach your community and the world. The Lookout is a 16-page, weekly magazine written from a theologically conservative, nondenominational, and noncharismatic perspective. It is a member of the Evangelical Press Association.

Mission Resources

Invite Christians of all ages and stages of faith to engage in the needs of real people through meaningful missions experiences.

Keep God at the center of your mission trip with our devotional journals. This three-book series will:

  • Mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare teens, college students, and adults before departing on a short-term mission trip,
  • Encourage and challenge them while on their trip, and
  • Help them internalize the experience once they have returned home.

And we’re proud to partner with Beth Guckenberger and Back2Back Ministries to support orphan care worldwide through the Storyweaver and Kids Serving Kids™ series – these resources offer kids and their families the opportunity to walk alongside the children served by Back2Back Ministries, a nonprofit, Christian organization dedicated to helping children around the world overcome life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.


Special Programs

Inspiring Collections of Dramas, Skits, and Readings Provide Easy-To-Use Material for Special Services & Programs!

Celebrate throughout the year with our books of church programs for special days:

  • Entirely reproducible
  • Easy to use
  • Roles for children, teens, and adults
  • Includes a wealth of plays, poems, readings, skits, and dramas